23 Iunie 2021

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Young entrepreneurs who start a new business manage to cope with a harsh environment because of their winning mindset. We will help you refresh your mindset, redefine your purpose and redesign your life. Join us!

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Leaders, Role Models, CEOs, Innovators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Warriors, Activists. Join us and meet all the ones who are working wonders in the office, at home and in society. All those who are admired and should be followed.



We will bring together the youngest figures and dynamic creatives well known in their fields, like minded teens to discuss about challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of success, but also about creative new ways on how to overcome them.


The power of 20 LIVE

The power of 20: different ways of thinking and young, better leaders, help Romania thrive in a world of disruptive change

We went on a mission and searched for Young Leaders and found remarkable individuals who, at the age of 20, started looking at Romania differently and saw how they can create a better tomorrow. They will share with our audience the steps they are imagining for the upcoming 20 years in order to help Romania grow and flourish.
Biz invites you to watch them live, on Facebook to find out what they are passionate about, how they manage to fight for the things they believe in and how they imagine the Romania of tomorrow.


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